Dear Theo

Over the course of 2022 we’re going to be spending our evenings services in the books of Luke and Acts. Dear Theo is a copy of the books you’ll find in the New Testament of any Bible, so you can follow along without the book if you want.

The reading plan, and other resources, are below.

Reading Plan

23-Jan-202222-37Luke 4:14-6:49
30-Jan-202237-45Luke 7:1-8:21
6-Feb-202245-57Luke 8:22-9:50
13-Feb-202259-68Luke 9:51-11:28
20-Feb-202268-77Luke 11:29-12:59
27-Feb-202277-85Luke 13:1-14:34
6-Mar-202285-93Luke 15:1-17:10
13-Mar-202293-102Luke 17:11-19:27
20-Mar-2022103-109Luke 19:28-20:26
27-Mar-2022109-114Luke 20:27-21:38
3-Apr-2022114-119Luke 22:1-22:62
10-Apr-2022119-126Luke 22:63-23:56
17-Apr-2022128-132Luke 24:1-24:53
5-Jun-2022135-144Acts 1:1-2:47
12-Jun-2022144-150Acts 3:1-4:22
19-Jun-2022150-157Acts 4:23-6:7
26-Jun-2022159-167Acts 6:8-8:3
3-Jul-2022167-174Acts 8:4-9:31
10-Jul-2022175-188Acts 9:32-12:24
17-Jul-2022189-197Acts 12:25-13:52
24-Jul-2022197-206Acts 14:1-16:5
31-Jul-2022207-213Acts 16:6-17:15
7-Aug-2022213-220Acts 17:16-19:20
14-Aug-2022221-229Acts 19:21-21:16
21-Aug-2022229-235Acts 21:17-22:29
28-Aug-2022236-242Acts 22:30-24:27
4-Sep-2022242-249Acts 25:1-26:32
11-Sep-2022249-259Acts 27:1-28:31


16th January – You can download the “Who I Am in Christ” verses here 

If you use ‘Learn Scripture’ to memorise verses, there is a “Who I Am in Christ” verse list here

(Note that the original list uses partial verses, so the memory verses on the site are longer)

10th April – Books mentioned this evening were:

  • “The Common Rule” by Justin Whitmel Earley. The accompanying website is at which has lots of information or you can buy from Amazon, Eden, or others. 
  • “Liturgy of the Ordinary” by Tish Harrison Warren. You can get it on Amazon, Eden, or your favourite bookshop.